Gluten-free diet

There are many confirmed cases where there was no intolerance to gluten, but the people themselves switching to this diet felt significant health benefits and weight loss.

Gluten-free diet does not prohibit the use of corn, buckwheat, millet, rice, tapioca and soy. However, before using any product, check the label whether it has barley or wheat. Also this diet strictly prohibits the bread and pasta with Gluten and almost all processed food industry, since it always finds a little gluten.

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Celiac disease – a life without gluten

Coeliac disease (celiac disease) is a permanent form of gluten intolerance of wheat, rye and barley. Question about oat flour, for now, remains open.

Celiac disease is detected at all ages, usually in childhood. Something is more common in females. In Western Europe registered with 1: 100-200, indicating that it is in our country has with about 30 000 to 70 000 inhabitants.
The disease often remains hidden for a long time (nemanifestna), and if it is manifested, it may be typical or atypical.
The main typical symptoms of the disease are: loss of appetite, frequent and copious stool, loss of body weight, enlargement of the abdomen, apathy and lagging behind in growth and development, and atypical persistent anemia, short stature, dental enamel damage, abdominal pain, signs of liver damage, delay in puberty and others.

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